Jetpack Joyride Achievements Unlock

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Jet Pack JoyRide Jetpack Joyride Achievements Unlock

Here are a list of Achievements that you can unlock in Jetpack Joyride. Below are the tips and guide step on unlocking the Achievements.

===Pretty Woman===
(Secret Achievement)
Description: Buy a matching set of clothing.
How to get: Buy any pair aside from the one you start with. Top Hat and Classy
            Suit to complete two achievements at once.

===Tee Hee Two===
(Secret Achievement)
Description: Collect exactly 69 coins.

===Blinged Out===
(Secret Achievement)
Description: Buy a golden vehicle upgrade.

===Good Work, Woody===
Description: Run into the bottom obstacles 3 times in a row.
How to get: Just start a game 3 times doing nothing.

===Good Work, Sierra===
Description: Stare at the main shop screen for 2 minutes.
How to get: The Stash screen.

===Good Work, Muscat===
Description: Open and close the main menu slider 10 times.
How to get: The little tab with an arrow on the Jetpack Joyride main screen.

===Spice of Life===
Description: Take a ride in every vehicle in the game.

===Not so Green===
Description: Complete 10 missions

===Gold Digger===
Description: Collect 20 coins while dead.
How to get: Try running into zappers in front of some coins.

Description: Get toasted by a missle 3 times in a row

Description: Fly a total of 50kms

===Fuzzy Locks===
Description: Get fried 99 times

===Alpha Charlie Echo===
Description: Fly over 2kms.
How to get: You have to do reach 2kms in one game.

===Road Trip===
Description: Accumulate a total of 10kms on the hog

===High Roller===
Description: Lose the final spin 100 times total.

===For Science===
Description: Knock over 1000 scientists.
How to get: You'll have to use a jetpack that hits scientists (initial one

Description: Win 3 atom blasts

===Big Spender===
Description: Spend over 50,000 coins.

Description: Complete 40 missions

===Romeo Alpha Delta===
Description: Fly over 5kms.
How to get: You have to reach 5kms in one game. Good luck.

Description: Take a trip in the rainbow jetpack and don’t collect any coins.

Description: Get a score of exactly 200m.
How to get: Try hitting the 3rd zapper.

===James Who?===
Description: Buy 2 jetpacks.
How to get: Any will do. Traditional Jetpack or Rainbow Jetpack to complete
            two achievements at once.

===Foam Party===
Description: Fly a total of 10kms with the bubble gun jetpack.

===Crazy Freaking Skills===
Description: Get a best distance of over 800m in the CFT.
How to get: Get lucky with the Crazy Freaking Teleporter.

===Angry Wings===
Description: Get the profit bird twice in one game.

===A Man, my Son===
Description: Finish all the missions, and start again.

===Class Act===
Description: Fly over 1km, sporting the top hat, classy suit and traditional

Description: Fly 2km, without touching any coins, scientists or tokens.
How to get: Try the Super Head Start and stay near the ceiling to avoid

===Happy Snap===
Description: Save an action shot to your camera roll.
How to get: At the end of each game there is a little photo that says TAP TO
            VIEW. Tap it and tap the little floppy disk icon to save it.

===Dragon Fruit===
(Secret Achievement)
Description: Ride Mr Cuddles while sporting the Fruit Jetpack.



This Part of the Guide is made by: e.cesare

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    1. Tosti says:

      The list is not complete. 4 achievement of game center missing more.

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    2. liakos says:

      for the achievement another way in you must choose the gadget free ride and you have to wait for the teleport magnet.

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    3. Lee h says:

      I figured out how to Get the another way in achievement. You have to be equipped with the free ride gadget and have the teleporter as your free ride

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      • addict says:

        oh, i thought it was just get any ride since cft was the first one i got. :0

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        • Scottd988 says:

          How do u choose which vehicle is your free ride?

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          • 0adam4 says:

            You can’t choose, it’s random. Just keep trying until you get the teleporter,

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    4. Margzhxx says:

      Thanks! I tried for AGES to get the ‘another way in’ achievement.

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    5. Darius mills says:

      Hi, I’ve been trying to get the achievement another way in.but I can’t seem to get it please help:)

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      • simàn says:

        You need to get the free tour gadget, once you start with the teleporteur you will achieve it

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        • addict says:

          spell correctly. it’s free ride not free tour. teleporter is not spelled teleporteur.

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          Rating: -6 (from 12 votes)
    6. Rachel says:

      What about “in a another way” ???

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    7. kuiser says:

      Is obtained as the achievement another way in

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    8. Eu says:

      Another way in! I want now, fdp

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    9. Brandon says:

      How do you do the rejected achievement ?

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      • addict says:

        you equip token gift but don’t get it. it’s really easy. just don’t use flash or token magnet.

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    10. iPlayZone says:

      I have made achievement videos for jetpack joyride.
      I hope it is useful

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    11. aarnav brahmbhatt says:

      there are not some missions like another way in, etc… then also thanxxx…

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    12. Abdul says:

      There is yet another achievement: walkies … What’s that one?????

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      • addict says:

        u use flash. just use him for 10k meters i think. hes my fav gadet just use him alot

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      • SharkyMarky10 says:

        You need to buy flash and use him for 10km

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    13. Me!!! says:

      For the teleporter I find the technique is to teleport when you’re in front of a zapper. I know it SOUNDS obvious, but don’t look where it’s going TO, just look where it IS, and go with the flow. This is the vehicle with my longest run. :D

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      • addict says:

        yeah, everybody does that. i’ll still give u 5 stars for trying to help.

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    14. wings400 says:

      To get easily the bullseye achievement, equip the freez-o-matic gadget + a gadget that does not affect your flying (take maybe the lucky last gadget). The always fly on the top rubbing your head and always hit the first zapper. With this metod I got the achievement in like 5 minutes

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      • DanvilleD2 says:

        That’s what I did. I died at the very top of the screen on the first zapper with that and got it on my 2nd try.

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      • addict says:

        ty for info

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    15. angelo gomora says:

      jetpack rocket in

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      • angelo gomora says:

        jetpack joyride update rocket in

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    16. Aidan says:

      I got germaphobe without even trying

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      • Junior says:


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    17. Tarık says:

      im:pretty woman,tee hee two,blinged out,good work woody,good work muscat,good work sieerra,spice of live,not so green,fuzzy lock,gold digger,toastie,another way in,marathon,alpha charlie echo,road trip,high roller,big spender,fallout,for science,veteran,hippy,bullseye,james who?,foam party,crazy freaking skills,a man my son,class act,happy snap,crackling,romeo alpha delta,walkies and mix n match achievement unlocked

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      Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
      • Tarık says:

        thanks Im get the blinged out achievement

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        Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)
    18. Jhon says:

      Yes, the banks are injecting money while lowering their reserves.

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    19. Junior says:

      How do you get bullseye achievement?

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    20. Yeezy says:

      Whooo finally completed all achievements today, bought everything available in the stash but still wanna go till the last level..does anyone knows what’s the last level??i am like on 150

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    21. Shrouded Mystery says:

      How do you get the blinged out achievement???

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    23. Umran says:

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    29. The Mad Mander says:

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